Gary signs to BMG for Savage.

May 26, 2017

During his recent trip to the UK to mix and master the Savage album Gary also signed a label services deal with BMG for the Savage. Alistair Norbury at BMG showed a keen interest in the album within days of the Pledge Campaign getting underway in late 2015 so it’s particularly satisfying to see this relationship complete. As Gary said recently on his Facebook page “A huge thank you must go to BMG’s Alistair Norbury. Thank you Alistair for your confidence in me and your enthusiasm to make this happen.” BMG are soon to announce the official 2017 release date of the album.

Pic: Gemma Numan

UK Savage Tour Promotional Film Ad

May 26, 2017

A short promotional film ad for the forthcoming Savage UK Tour has now been added to the official Gary Numan YouTube channel. You can view the HD version of the ad by clicking on this link. As well as clips of classic Numan songs the ad also includes several clips of new songs from the forthcoming Savage album.

Ivor Novello Inspiration Award

May 26, 2017

Gary was presented with the Ivor Novello Inspiration Award at the music industry Ivor’s awards in London on May 18th. The Ivor’s are extremely prestigious awards given out to songwriters by their peers at a red carpet ceremony once a year in the UK. The Inspiration award specifically ‘honours an exceptional songwriter who has inspired the creative talents of others’.

Photo by Mark Allan

Legacy DVD

May 09, 2017

When I toured the UK last year on the Classic Album tour we filmed the Liverpool Olympia show on September 16th. It’s now a DVD called Legacy and is available on the Numan Store should you want a copy.

The DVD also includes a behind the scenes interview where I talk about the reasons behind going out on tour with those three albums (Replicas, The Pleasure principle and Telekon) and revisiting all those older songs again.

Track listing is: Replicas, Metal, Remind Me To Smile, Me I Disconnect From You, Films, The Joy Circuit, You Are In My Vision, M.E, This Wreckage, We Are So Fragile, Observer, I’m An Agent, Down In The Park, Tracks, We Are Glass, Are ‘Friends’ Electric, Cars, I Die:You Die, Everyday I Die, My Shadow In Vain.


Savage UK Tour. Tickets now on General sale

April 28, 2017

Tickets for the UK Savage Tour are on General sale today. Please use this link:

Thought it worth a mention that I’ve been looking at early design ideas for the stage and light show for the Sep/Oct tour. It’s going to be even more spectacular than the Splinter shows. Can’t wait for you to see it!!

Tour Dates Page Closed (for now)

April 27, 2017

We’ve had to close the Tour Dates page for the moment. The information displayed on the Tour Dates page is fed to this site via the Bands In Town App/Site. We have discovered that parts of the information we posted for Ticket outlets has been overwritten (not by us) and so some of the links are not directing fans to the correct ticket outlets.

Therefore, for now, all Tour information will be displayed on this News page. Dates, venues and recommended ticket outlets. The ticket links given on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all correct. The Pre-Sale ticket link for the Sep/Oct UK tour (which allows fans to buy tickets before they go on general sale tomorrow) is:

The Tour dates themselves have already been posted on this page via the Tour Flyer but are repeated below:


Savage. Europe Tour Dates

April 24, 2017

Very happy to announce that we now have confirmed shows in Europe for the Savage Tour. The details are as follows:

Thu. Oct 19. Belgium. Leuven. Het Depot. Tickets

Fri. Oct 20. France. Paris. Le Trabendo. Tickets

Sat. Oct 21. Netherlands. Amsterdam. Paradiso. Tickets

Tue. Oct 24. Slovakia. Bratislava. Majestic Music Club. Tickets

Wed. Oct 25. Germany. Cologne. Essigfabrik. Tickets

Thu. Oct 26. Germany. Berlin. Columbiatheater. Tickets

Savage. The New Image (and why)

April 24, 2017

Hello Everyone,

As you may have seen the new UK tour for the forthcoming Savage album has just been announced. Shows in Europe will be announced very soon and a North American tour will be confirmed, hopefully, in the next few weeks. I’m also looking at many other places around the world so, if things come together as I hope, I will be able to add a constant string of shows around the world in the coming months. I can’t deny that I am very excited and optimistic about the next twelve months and what could happen with this album.

The reason for this post though is as an explanation. A few people seem concerned about the imagery of the new photos, the tour flyer, the type face used, the title itself ‘Savage’ combined with those things and so on. It seems that some misunderstanding is occurring and that some of you feel that, in these troubled times, it could be taken the wrong way. So, I would obviously like to clear that up before it goes any further because none of that is intended.

The majority of the songs on the new album are taken from ideas I’ve been working on for a novel. Yes, embarrassingly, the same novel I’ve been talking about for years. My long neglected Science Fantasy epic that will probably never see the light of day but, much as the short stories I was writing around Replicas time did for that album, so this permanently unfinished book is giving me a huge amount of material to write new songs about. The ideas for the book gave me songs for Dead Son Rising, a few for Splinter and now quite a few for Savage.

Savage then is a theme album by and large. Set in a post apocalyptic future where the earth has been devastated by global warming and what remains is mostly harsh, barren and desert like. The various cultures of the people that survived have, over generations, essentially merged into one. That merging driven mostly by the necessities of surviving in the environment that remains. The language spoken in this future world is essentially English, but the Middle Eastern influence is seen everywhere (hence the typeface I’ve chosen for the artwork). There is therefore a subtle but definite Middle Eastern influence musically on this album here and there, in some melodies especially, and that was deliberate. The music has to reflect the idea of cultures merging that exists in this fictional future. The book (and therefore the album) is based upon concerns about the catastrophic effects of ignoring global warming, and how the survivors must adapt, and nothing at all to do with comparing existing cultures, terrorism, religion or nuclear war. The title, Savage, does not refer to a person, or to a culture, but to the environment the people exist in in this forbidding future, and the new photos are meant to depict a scene from that. It is certainly not meant to imply that people that live in a desert region are ‘Savage’. The clothes I’m wearing are not desert clothes, they are pseudo military looking (and meant to look worn out in the harshness of that world) and represent the way we may all need to look if policies designed to stop the effects of global warning are abandoned or ignored in certain vitally important key regions of the world over the next four years.

The world the album describes is savage, and the people in it need to be equally savage to survive, but that’s all there is to it. It’s fantasy, but based on my fears about what’s going to happen to future generations if we don’t do what needs to be done to protect the planet. It is not particularly political, not anti religious (for once), not anti anything other than the almost unbelievably ignorant decisions in one part of the world to walk away from agreements and commitments concerned with combating climate change and protecting our environment. Not every song is about this, I have other things that have found their way in to the album, but the image and style of ‘Savage’ is very much guided by the concerns mentioned above.

I will now climb down from my little soap box and get back to the studio. The album is very close to being finished now. The main album is done apart from one vocal/lyric, I’m finishing off the extra track for the Deluxe CD today and the final extra song for the vinyl version will completed by the end of the week. By the skin of our teeth, it really does look as though it’s going to be ready on time.

A special word of thanks here to Joseph Cultice for taking such extraordinary photos in a genuinely harsh environment. I’m very grateful to his skill and enthusiasm in getting the visual side together.

I’d also like to thank Ade Fenton who, as always, is doing an absolutely remarkable job on the production and turning my rough ideas into music to be proud of.

Not long now.

Gary N.