Making Music Video Updates 6 and 7

May 16, 2019

Video updates 6 and 7 are now available for viewing on the Making Music site for those of you that are taking part. Video update 7 includes some new music now that the studio is working again. If you’d like to visit the Making Music site and check on progress of the new ‘Intruder’ album to find out more you can use this link.

Sep 22 Rehearsal moves to Sep 21

May 16, 2019

I have good news, and unfortunately, some not so good. The good news is I’ll be announcing an extra show to the (R)evolution Tour on Monday, along with ticket details etc. But, the bad news, it will be on Sep 22, a day that was previously going to be a rehearsal day, and for which we have sold some VIP tickets. The Store info should be updated tomorrow to reflect this.

Those people with tickets for the Sep 22 rehearsal, you can just come on the 21st instead, if that suits you, or you can get a full refund. Any other potential issues or concerns, and I appreciate there might be, I will attempt to address in a message I’ve written directly to those VIP’s that will be sent via the Store tomorrow.

I am really sorry about this. The offer for the extra show came in on Monday, it took yesterday (Tuesday) for us to find out if it was even possible, and I’m writing this today (Wednesday) having said yes to the show this morning.


(R)evolution Tour special guest: Kanga

May 16, 2019

I’m very pleased to announce that my special guest for the (R)evolution Tour support slot will be Kanga. I first heard of Kanga when someone told me about her brilliant cover of ‘Metal’ and I’ve been watching her career grow ever since.  She’s remarkable, in the studio and on stage.

You can find out more about Kanga here