Toronto Cancelled. Jersey City added

  • Gary Numan
  • February 3, 2022

Although the 2022 North American Intruder tour is still very much going ahead sadly, due to Covid restrictions currently in place and with much regret, we’ve been forced to cancel the show in Toronto on March 11. All ticket holders will be fully refunded from the point of source. All those people that had bought tickets for the Meet And Greet will also be fully refunded. We are so disappointed to have to announce this but we live in rapidly changing, uncertain times. Every effort was made to try to find a way to make the show happen but it just wasn’t possible.

However, we have been able to add a show in Jersey City, NJ on the same night. Tickets are available via the Tours page of this site from midday Feb 4th. Meet And Greet places are also available, or soon will be, from the official Gary Numan Store.