My Name Is Ruin Video

August 07, 2017

The new My Name Is Ruin video, directed once again by the incredibly talented Chris Corner of IAMX, has now been added to the Videos section of this site. Shot in the Californian desert, with temperatures reaching 118F/48C, the video looks very much like the post Global Warming apocalyptic world the new Savage album is set in.

Pic by Micah Smith

Cardiff Sold Out. UK Savage Tour

August 07, 2017

The UK tour has started to sell out, with the opening show in Cardiff being the first. From what we can see of ticket sales other shows are soon to follow so it’s an exciting time for all of us involved with the new Savage album. Shows in Leuven and Amsterdam have also sold out, or are very close so Europe is also looking good. Plans for 2018 touring are also now underway and we’ll let you know what that will involve as soon as possible, but look out for a lot more festival appearances next year in many different countries.