Ade Fenton Producer

May 26, 2017

I wanted to say a big thank you to Ade Fenton. Savage is the 4th album I’ve worked on with Ade, and the most painless by far (I think we’re getting used to each other), but his work is just exceptional. He’s not only extremely creative but ridiculously hard working, even in difficult circumstances. It’s easy to discuss alternative ideas with him, he’s not precious about things and is always looking to make the music better, even if that means, on very rare occasions, undoing his own work and starting again. He makes it a far more enjoyable experience than you would expect, given the enormous pressure that is always present as part and parcel of making albums. As he often tells me, I just need to write better songs 🙂


Pledge Campaign

May 26, 2017

The Pledge Campaign that has been following the creation of Savage from first note to now, and will continue to the finished shrink wrapped loveliness is still very much ongoing. Although the main album is now finished Gary still has three extra songs to write, the artwork to complete for the various versions and the entire promo campaign to get underway. You can still join the campaign and take advantage of the many offers and sneak previews that are exclusive to Pledgers, including pre-ordering the album for that important first week delivery. The campaign will stay active until approximately two weeks before the release date of the album, that date will be announced in the near future. You have plenty of time left though.

If you wish to join the Pledge Campaign you can do so by clicking on this link.


Savage Album Mastered

May 26, 2017

The Savage album is officially finished and is now just waiting for the artwork designs. The final mixes were completed last week by Nathan Boddy in London, working alongside Gary and producer Ade Fenton, and the album was them mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering on May 19th. The track listing for the standard album is:

Ghost Nation, Bed Of Thorns, My Name Is Ruin, The End Of Things, And It All Began With You, When The World Comes Apart, Mercy, What God Intended, Pray For The Pain You Serve, Broken.

An extra track ‘If I Said’ will be added to the Deluxe CD as well as the vinyl version. The vinyl version also gets a second extra track called ‘Cold’.

Gary signs to BMG for Savage.

May 26, 2017

During his recent trip to the UK to mix and master the Savage album Gary also signed a label services deal with BMG for the Savage. Alistair Norbury at BMG showed a keen interest in the album within days of the Pledge Campaign getting underway in late 2015 so it’s particularly satisfying to see this relationship complete. As Gary said recently on his Facebook page “A huge thank you must go to BMG’s Alistair Norbury. Thank you Alistair for your confidence in me and your enthusiasm to make this happen.” BMG are soon to announce the official 2017 release date of the album.

Pic: Gemma Numan

UK Savage Tour Promotional Film Ad

May 26, 2017

A short promotional film ad for the forthcoming Savage UK Tour has now been added to the official Gary Numan YouTube channel. You can view the HD version of the ad by clicking on this link. As well as clips of classic Numan songs the ad also includes several clips of new songs from the forthcoming Savage album.

Ivor Novello Inspiration Award

May 26, 2017

Gary was presented with the Ivor Novello Inspiration Award at the music industry Ivor’s awards in London on May 18th. The Ivor’s are extremely prestigious awards given out to songwriters by their peers at a red carpet ceremony once a year in the UK. The Inspiration award specifically ‘honours an exceptional songwriter who has inspired the creative talents of others’.

Photo by Mark Allan

Legacy DVD

May 09, 2017

When I toured the UK last year on the Classic Album tour we filmed the Liverpool Olympia show on September 16th. It’s now a DVD called Legacy and is available on the Numan Store should you want a copy.

The DVD also includes a behind the scenes interview where I talk about the reasons behind going out on tour with those three albums (Replicas, The Pleasure principle and Telekon) and revisiting all those older songs again.

Track listing is: Replicas, Metal, Remind Me To Smile, Me I Disconnect From You, Films, The Joy Circuit, You Are In My Vision, M.E, This Wreckage, We Are So Fragile, Observer, I’m An Agent, Down In The Park, Tracks, We Are Glass, Are ‘Friends’ Electric, Cars, I Die:You Die, Everyday I Die, My Shadow In Vain.