New album ‘Making Music’ campaign

  • Gary Numan
  • March 20, 2019

In a few days I will finally be ready to launch my first Making Music campaign.

As you may know, with Savage, fans were able to witness the progress of the album from day 1 to the finished article via my Pledge Music campaign and the updates, either video, audio or text, that were a regular part of it. That witnessing, that inside look at what it takes to make an album like Savage, seemed to be a very successful and popular experience, for most people that took part anyway. So, I’m going to do something similar, even better hopefully, with the next album.

However, with the Savage/Pledge campaign there were a few grumbles towards the end from fans, and I listened very carefully to the problems you had. To fix those few problems, and to try to give you an even better experience with the next album, I’ve decided to move the campaign from Pledge over to Townsend’s Making Music site. I feel confident that in those few areas where people felt let down with Pledge, Townsend will be able to deliver more effectively. Townsend are well known to most of you having run my online store very successfully for many years. They also work very closely with BMG so, between the three of us, we should be able to deliver on my ‘even better experience’ claim.

To join the campaign, once it’s launched, you will need to go to this address:

When the campaign is online, and the address above is live, you will be able to buy an Access Pass that will give you access to every update as the album progresses. If you want to pre-order the album, in whatever format, or buy any of the many other items that are available, the money you paid for the Access Pass will be refunded automatically.

I’ve found a huge amount of rare and special items that I will be able to make available on the campaign, from signed white vinyl Jagged albums, white label test pressings of rare singles and albums from the early days (including Telekon), acetates cut on the mastering lathe itself, to stage clothes, musical equipment, personal items and beyond. We still have many more items to  add to the campaign as the year unfolds, so it won’t all be available on day 1.

I hope to be announcing the official launch date tomorrow.