‘My Name Is Ruin’ New Single & Video Shoot

  • Gary Numan
  • June 22, 2017

BMG have chosen the song ‘My Name Is Ruin’ from the Savage album as the first single. Although I’m notoriously bad at choosing singles, and so not the best judge, I agree that this song is a good choice. The video for it was filmed last Friday and Saturday in the desert area around 29 Palms and Joshua Tree. As luck would have it both days witnessed a monster heat wave and we saw temperatures as high as 118 F (48 C) so it was HOT!!

The video was filmed once again by IAMX main man Chris Corner, assisted by Janine Gezang and her lovely sister Lydia. Chris filmed the I Am Dust video for Splinter, without doubt one of the best videos I’ve ever made, so we were in safe hands for ‘Ruin’. The locations were stunning. Desolate, dry, forbidding and, as I said, incredibly hot. Absolutely perfect for an album devoted mostly to a future world devastated by Global Warming.

My daughter Persia, who sang on the track, also featured in the video and did an amazing job I’m relieved to say. Although all three girls had a tiny walk on part in the Love Hurt Bleed video this was Persia’s first proper session at filming and lip syncing. I was nervous that nerves would get the better of her (she’s only 11 after all) and she would just giggle and not be able to do what was needed. But, she overcame her nerves, shyness and the ridiculous heat and just got on with it. I was very proud of her, and she looked amazing.

Pic by Micah Smith

I have no release date for the single at the moment, and it will only be digital so no hard copy unfortunately. I have yet to create the digital cover shot but I’ll be doing that over the next few days.

We’ve made a radio edit for it and BMG are putting a lot of effort in to getting it played in as many places as possible but, as always, it’s not the most ‘pop’ song out there so it will struggle I’m sure.

The video will also take a while before the editing is complete and the finished film is delivered but, when it is, I hope to have it seen as widely as possible. Again, with BMG’s involvement, I’m hopeful that things will be better on that side of things than they were with I Am Dust.

Pic by Micah Smith

The video was shot to the full length version of the track, which runs a little over six minutes. Whether we are able to make an edit that ties in with the 4 min 24 second radio version we shall have to see. A huge thank you to Chris Corner though. He has an incredible eye for filming and seemingly can make a flat featureless desert look epic and exciting. I’m really glad he was able to take it on at short notice and I’m grateful for all the amazing work he did during the shoot.