Legacy DVD

  • Gary Numan
  • May 9, 2017

When I toured the UK last year on the Classic Album tour we filmed the Liverpool Olympia show on September 16th. It’s now a DVD called Legacy and is available on the Numan Store should you want a copy.

The DVD also includes a behind the scenes interview where I talk about the reasons behind going out on tour with those three albums (Replicas, The Pleasure principle and Telekon) and revisiting all those older songs again.

Track listing is: Replicas, Metal, Remind Me To Smile, Me I Disconnect From You, Films, The Joy Circuit, You Are In My Vision, M.E, This Wreckage, We Are So Fragile, Observer, I’m An Agent, Down In The Park, Tracks, We Are Glass, Are ‘Friends’ Electric, Cars, I Die:You Die, Everyday I Die, My Shadow In Vain.