• Gary Numan
  • March 17, 2020

The new Intruder album is well underway. I have to confess it’s taken me far too long to become fully engaged but I’m there now, slightly panicking, and things are beginning to move forward at a more exciting and meaningful pace. Song titles so far are:

Intruder, The End Of Dragons, I Am Screaming, Betrayed, Saints And Liars, The Gift.

I have many more songs than these few but these are the six that I’m happy with and have been sent to Ade Fenton for production. Having said that I had a wobbly moment last week and decided that they were all shit so it’s still a rather tortuous process.

The release plan is still to have it ready in time for a September release. Of course, the Coronavirus may have a significant impact on those plans. Already people at the label have become infected and, I believe, everyone there is now working from home. This will undoubtedly have a negative effect on all the bands planning to release this year so we will need to wait and see how things unfold. For now though Ade and I are working towards having the album ready to meet the deadline for that September release.