Ghost Nation, Making Music, Social Media

  • Gary Numan
  • March 26, 2020

I wanted to clear up any confusion that might exist regarding the various projects and information outlets I have running at the moment, beyond this website. Projects that are intended to engage with, inform or otherwise be of interest to fans.

Social Media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook)

These three options are all free and, generally, keep you up to date with everything I’m doing both musically and personally. For most people I would imagine visiting any of these three would be enough. Most, but not all, of the things I post are replicated across all three platforms. They require only a modest amount of work from me to keep up to date.

YouTube (

I do have an official YouTube channel but I’ve shown zero interest in it for a very long time. That is about to change and I’m in the process of bringing myself up to speed on how it works and how it can be improved.

Making Music (

Making Music allows people the opportunity to follow progress on the new Intruder album with video, audio and text updates. It is devoted exclusively to the Intruder album and nothing else. You will not see Making Music updates on any of the social media platforms or Ghost Nation, nor will you see things seen on social media or Ghost Nation appear on Making Music.

You can watch and listen as new songs progress from the first simple idea, through the rough demo stage, including ideas that are perhaps abandoned along the way, on to the early production versions, all the way to the finished song. The lyrics are written out in text updates and eventually the artwork ideas, and more, all become part of showing you what goes into making an album. The updates are not regular because progress on the album is not regular, but, they will follow the making of the album from start to finish, albeit with gaps when I’m busy doing something else.

To take part in Making Music you have two options. The most popular by far is simply to sign up and pre-order the album and/or buy one of the many items also available. These include old studio and musical equipment used on previous albums, signed lyric sheets, a chance to sit in on the Mastering session or come along to the launch cruise, and many more. By buying an item or pre-ordering the album you automatically gain access to every update made for the entire project, new or old. If you’d rather not buy something or pre-order the album you only have to pay a small one time fee to gain the same access to the updates. You can, if you wish, opt to pre-order later if you like what you hear, or buy one of the items if still available. Making Music requires a fair amount of extra work for me, beyond just making the album, to create the updates.

Ghost Nation (

Ghost Nation seems to be the one that causes the most ripples. I’m not going to get into any of that, I’ll simply say what it offers and you can decide for yourselves if it’s of interest or not.

Ghost Nation is a Patreon project and people can buy into it at four different levels, or tiers. Each tier is priced according to what’s offered at each tier level, because as the levels go up so the work required by me to fulfill them increases dramatically, plus they offer far more beyond what I do (Store discounts, free tickets and so on). Essentially though Ghost Nation offers you an intimate, behind the scenes look at my life, both musically and personally. Through regular video diary updates (or text updates at the entry-level tier) plus a monthly video Q&A you can watch my life as it unfolds.