Covid 19

  • Gary Numan
  • March 17, 2020

Hopefully everyone reading this is okay and not infected by the Coronavirus. I’m taking it very seriously and we are effectively self quarantined at home. I firmly believe in the value of the ‘Flattening The Curve’ approach and we are doing our very best to help achieve that. The schools here in Los Angeles are closed and all three of my children are now receiving lessons at home

from their teachers online. Luckily for me most of my days at the moment are spent in the studio so it’s not a big sacrifice. I have many friends though, in and around the music business mostly, who are already in serious trouble with work cancelled and an immediate loss of income, some of them also becoming infected. It’s a very difficult time for everyone but, for some, it’s already devastating. Please take this seriously, be careful. Some countries seem to be shockingly slow to grasp the enormity of what’s happening so think for yourselves and do whatever you can to stay safe. Good luck.